“Japanese High Quality Packaging Company”
ITOKEI is specialized in manufacturing high quality food packaging. Since our company was founded in 1910, we have been developing and manufacturing packages for dessert, bread and fine dining.

Not only manufacturing food packaging but also we make proposals about desserts and bread’ latest information to our customers.

“Redefining Lab for Dessert and Fine Dining”
We have a marketing department called“Redefining Lab for dessert and fine dining ” .
In this department, members are doing lots of research all over Japan and offering useful ideas about dessert and bread.
Redefining Lab for dessert and fine dining makes the best proposal for you.



“Bringing benefits to the world through our business”
We have been having this philosophy since we have been founded.
Assist the prosperity of the world and always make customers happy. Based on the belief that those accumulations from activities make us prosperous, we have always been manufacturing high-quality packaging that is desirable each era.
Our theme is “Assist making a pleasurable lifestyle with dessert and dining by packaging.” We are promoting activities with the slogan “Wrap all dessert and dining.” Coloring, volume, season sense ... what is needed from packaging is its ability to add quality to the products that would attract customers. But we think that we have further roles and issues to be addressed under the diverse and evolved dietary culture. We always observe the present dining scene, gazing at deliciousness improvement and then we would like to enhance the value of our costumer's product through our packaging.
To continuously innovate, we believe that the possibility of packaging is infinite.
After 110 years since we have been founded, we will continue to improve human resources, improve item packaging, and improve the enrichment of dietary life as a trend-sensitive company.

ITOKEI. Co., Ltd.
Keiichiro Ito


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1-7-1 Matsugaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0036 JAPAN
Keiichiro Ito